GOTAR INVESTMENT. continues the long-lasting tradition of handmade glass-making, established at the end of the 19th century in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. The premises of the factory are situated in the town of Novi Pazar, just 2 km away from the Shoumen - Varna highway and 36 km from Varna West seaport. This fact, besides the vicinity of high-quality quartz sand quarry, soda ash deposit, and, not in the last place, the cheap natural gas in the region, makes the factory a very attractive place for glass production, and creates real prerequisites for the manufacture and export of low-cost, but high-quality handmade mouth-blown glassware.
Founded by a Czech entrepreneur and having started with just glass containers and wine vessels, now the factory produces a wide range of handmade art glass in all of its forms colour glass (red, black, blue, opal, green, yellow etc) and all kinds of tableware and home decoration (vases, glasses, cylinders etc). Together with the traditional mouth-blown handmade glass products, in the 1970's, after a total reconstruction and modernization of the production process and the furnaces, the factory began producing high-quality handmade, mouth-blown lead crystal with a great variety of decorations and engravings. At present we continue the tradition of handmade glassware by combining the traditional techniques of mouth-blown glass-making with a modern and up-to-date design. In our show room you can see more than 6000 samples of various handmade glass items, starting from small glasses and figures and ending with big cylinders and decanters in all kinds of colours and forms.
We export to many EU and American clients, and despite the items in our price-list, we can work and cooperate with our business partners upon their own order it is as simple as ever, you just have to place your order, (sometimes to deliver us the mould of your model), to accept the offered price, transfer the deposit and ...we can bring life to the glass you order!